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Friday, January 18, 2008

Missed one!

Well, even though I missed yesterday, you have to admit that the volume of posts here has dramatically increased this week... whether that is a good thin is entirely up to your descretion.

So in the news, I donated blood yesterday, first time in a while, but I still bleed fast. My Disc Golf basket arrived, but I haven't had a chance to assemble it and try it out yet, probably this weekend... Karin made a nice tortellini dinner last night, it was yummy. I didn't say any of this stuff was particularly interesting, but really I'm obviously just trying to come up with things to type about, partly to get things going again, and partly as a motivating activity to get me dealing with things in a more timely manner again.

Lately it's been entirely too easy to leave things for another day, which means they take way longer than they should... So this is helping practice getting things done... or is it part of the problem?

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